Our company distribute and marketing a lot of ophthalmology products.
Below you can find out more about our ophthalmic products.

Excimer Laser Star S4 IR

• The only system with a wavefront guided technology (custom view treatment) • Featuring VSS technology (Variable Spot Scanning) and VRR (Variable Repetition Rate) pulse-packing algorithm, both proprietary to AMO, the STAR S4 IR® Excimer Laser reduces thermal effects on the cornea, allowing you to perform the Advanced CustomVue® procedure quickly and effectively, while maximizing patient safety

iFS Femtosecond Laser

The iFS™ Laser gives surgeons greater control for maximum customization — providing an indispensible tool for LASIK and beyond. With over 6 million procedures performed to date, IntraLase® Technology is the femtosecond technology of choice.

iDesign Aberrometer

iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio Aberrometer is a diagnostic tool used to map and assess corneal aberrations in the eye for wavefront-guided LASIK procedures. By making a “blueprint”, the device is able to map out the cornea with its aberrations and set out a treatment plan, which is custom-based per patient and computer-driven.