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Tricomic Clinical

Tricomin Clinical Kit

Tricomin Hair Loss Treatment Kit w/Spray, Shampoo and Conditioner Tricoming Hair Loss Treatment Kit includes: 1x Tricomin Therapy Spray (6 Fl Oz). 1x Tricomin Shampoo (6 Fl Oz). 1x Tricomin Conditioner (6 Fl Oz).

HL is a professional cosmetics brand, established in 1984 offering an extensive range of result-oriented facial treatments through active, customized solutions. The portfolio, marketed exclusively through licensed aesthetics professionals, focuses on comprehensive product lines for use in-clinic accompanied by at-home skin care regimens. ​ Expansive know-how, as well as practical and professional experience, is the basis for our operations and for the relationships and dialog that exist between the professionals and their customers. We at HL believe that instilling know-how and experience in our customers is our duty. Accordingly, we regularly hold professional training programs and various courses, starting with the introduction to HL products, through to comprehensive studies of the skin's structure and needs, as well as to advanced marketing courses. ​Today HL is a leading professional brand marketed around the world through distributor partners with the guiding vision of offering real results through constant innovation aimed at developing potent products based on natural and functional active ingredients. The HL formulas are developed in-house and are based on scientific research and clinically tested actives, with an emphasis on product safety, quality and visible results.

HL is a professional skin care products

NEOVA Smart Skin Care Products

NEOVA SmartSkincare is among the first clinical skin care brands to make the association between DNA damage and premature skin aging. Inspired by the revolutionary science of cellular regeneration and groundbreaking DNA research, Neova patented formulas revitalize aging skin, making visible age reversal a virtual reality. ​NEOVA’s medically acclaimed DNA CoFactor products boost the skin’s repair-and-protection levels to dramatically reduce the appearance of photoaging and improve overall skin appearance. Advanced Technologies Call for Advanced Delivery Systems Scientific studies have clearly demonstrated that DNA repair and CpC play fundamental roles in skin health. Neova products defend against the signs of skin DNA damage with the newest therapies and most powerful delivery systems available.

Sonature embodies natural and “Happy Beauty” : playful and feminine, reliable without being boring, Sonature is a natural and cheerful brand which offers a range of efficient, carry-sized and fun body and face skin cares. Its joyful design suggests a fancy evocation of nature. The brand is a nice alliance of smooth and comfortable textures, delicious or subtle fragrances, effective and soft formulas “made in France”. Sonature professional face and body treatments offer beauty results and divine relaxation in an international network of beauty-professional but also in selective market.